The Pandemic called ‘Loneliness’

Photo by Khadija Yousaf on Unsplash

While isolation appears to be a timeless, universal experience, it is thought to have arisen in the late 16th century as a warning of the dangers of being isolated from others. To wander too far from society in early modern Britain meant giving up the security it offered.

Are humans lonely?

Loneliness can be seen in all walks of life, including marriages and other close relationships, as well as successful professions, according to research. Loneliness affects nearly all at some stage in their lives, and some people feel it regularly.

How bad is loneliness?

Pro longed loneliness causes high Cortisol levels that can cause inflammation, weight gain, insulin resistance, concentration issues, and other problems. These persistent isolation symptoms, if left untreated, can put you at risk for more severe medical and emotional issues, such as depression.

Internal factors such as low self-esteem may also lead to isolation. People who lack self-confidence frequently feel they are incapable of other people’s respect or regard, which can lead to alienation and persistent loneliness.

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