Binge watching series or you are on a shoping need to know this

you can use it to sell anything

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Cliff hanger Marketing

1.The right hook

For every product, there is something unique that defines the product. This you must know before you make an ad.

It has to boil down to one thing, and that will capture user attention. How do we know?

if it catches your attention, it is more likely to catch any other person's attention too.

There some ways to find the hook

  • which are the first things that come to your mind when you think about the product?
  • What is one problem the product will solve for the buyer?
  • What makes the product a must-have thing?

if you cannot answer the questions, give yourself time.

Take a walk or be silent. You will get the answers.

In a time like the dawning sun.

2.Follow up with a story

You got the attention.

If you want to sustain .you need to provide compelling content a reason for people to stay there.

We love stories. we tell stories to ourselves all the this is a thing common among us

we would love to hear marvellous stories and indulge in little imagination.

The message should like what Steve Jobs said :

that helps in getting the things in perspective

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Tell a story, the right way

why do tales and legends last for so long?

They continue today.

we continue to tell to our kids, and we enjoy the telling processes.

Stories work because we all have stories in common.

We tell stories most of the tie conscious or otherwise. We like it when someone tells a feels as if we can relate to them at a deeper level

Drip feeding influence:

Once you have hooked the protective buyers to get a particular product.

Exert slow influence to persuade someone to buy any of the products.

The influence works best in small doses.

Try to create a sudden impact or impression.

it backfires

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