One-step method for habit change

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Something about us we want to change perhaps we may have a couple of annoying habits and maybe we do a few things thinking as trivial and it results in some unwanted consequences

Why can’t we just do the right thing when we know it?

That’s how we humans are, creatures of habit

The habit of following habits is ingrained deep inside our biology, and it is not that bad. Having habits especially positive ones make us do them with less effort it just feels effortless.

you may say

Hey Abrar, This post is about changing habits right ?why are you talking of its merits?

I know. I get it

It sure is about changing some habits I will go there before that we have to understand that sometimes the guilt we associate with habits is a major source of their stubbornness

Habits are like rebels resisting them fiercely will only add fuel to the fire.

What is the solution then?

There is a path in between that is soft to tread and easy to follow, and yes it will have a long-term impact

One-step Method:

The idea is simple, and I have made like tremendous transformations in my life using this concept.

Just take the smallest step towards a positive habit that will take less than 30 seconds to implement

But how do we change the negative ones? Here is the thing :

you don't change them, you just inculcate the opposite of the negative habit

Habits are like hungry creatures whichever habit you feed it will get stronger.

Ok, now just do one step for one week and then slowly add another small step when you feel the first step is becoming natural. Don't hurry, it will not work.

Be gentle to yourselves it isn't about end focus on doing something daily.

one step, that’s it.

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