How to Start A Minimalist life?(Complete Guide)

Enjoy The Minimalist Life:)

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The movement is more about living a streamlined, peaceful, clutter-free, minimalist life. Often, people who adopt this lifestyle make that decision because they want to live more consciously, focus more on the journey and less on the destination. Minimalism is a transition to a more intentional way of life, and while the goal of minimalistism is simple, the journey is anything but simple.

Be gentle. Not everyone is on board with the minimalist lifestyle, and some may feel overwhelmed, confused or abandoned. This can be an especially sensitive topic when dealing with family. Encourage the person who is on the road to minimalism to seek out family support and understanding.

What is my background?

Does minimalism make financial sense?

Many minimalists choose minimalism as a result of concerns about money, as well as discomfort with consumerism, materialism and clutter. Even if you’re not concerned about money or luxury goods, this is still a good time to evaluate your needs, wants and values.

You may decide to live in a small home. Many minimalist bloggers recommend living in a home no larger than 900 square feet. For some people, this will be a good time to get rid of possessions, others may simply downsize to a smaller home. Some people opt to sell their home and move to a home with less storage space. For others, this will be a good time to downsize their home because they need less space for living. In this case, you’ll be selling your things, not moving them.

Minimalists often are drawn to tiny homes. Tiny living can offer many financial and space benefits, so if you’re not interested in living a minimalist lifestyle, this is a good time to take advantage of a small home that’s not too costly. Or, if you love the idea of living in a tiny home, this may be a good time to purchase one.

Benefits include:

Less stress

Lower stress

Having fewer possessions

Simplifying one’s life

Making decisions based on values, not possessions

Making the most of what you have

The ability to live an intentional, peaceful, authentic life

How do I minimize a house?

Some of the steps of minimalism are similar to downsizing:

Get rid of what you don’t need or love

Sell/give away what you don’t need or love

Cancel anything that you don’t use or enjoy

Take it down. Some minimalists have no problem living a life without a TV, even if they own one. If that’s you, consider selling it on Craigslist or donating it to Goodwill. By eliminating the source of constant distraction, you may find that more of your time is available for things that matter more to you.

Replace cleaners with good-for-you products. When possible, buy cleaners in natural products, such as vinegar and baking soda. Because these natural products are less harsh than standard household cleaners, they can remove substances like pet hair and grease without stripping your surfaces.

Also, add a second wash cycle to your household washing machine. You can add vinegar or baking soda to your regular wash cycle for a gentle cleaning. This adds time to your normal washer, but the difference in the results makes it well worth it.

Consider letting them go to their end-of-life. Some plants benefit from being indoors, while others don’t, and the decision to remove them may be a difficult one. When deciding what to do with your indoor plants, take a look at their freshness. If it’s time to say goodbye, don’t prolong the inevitable any longer than necessary.

Once you decide to move to a small home or cottage, it’s time to prepare for your move. Now is a good time to deep clean your house and make it look and feel fresh. Do a thorough de-cluttering of your house to make it more attractive to potential buyers. In preparation for sale, clean all the carpets, tile, and other hard surfaces. If you’re downsizing, clean the furniture, woodwork and appliances. If you’re moving, make sure the house is in good shape and move on to cleaning the yard and outbuildings. When it comes time to sell, be sure to show the house with all the surfaces and hard surfaces clean and vacuumed. If you’re moving, use a professional cleaning service to take the load off and have the house ready to sell.

After you move into your smaller home, there are some simple changes to make that will keep your house cleaner and easier to clean. Start by moving your stuff into the living room or dining room to make the place look bigger. Then put a piece of furniture in the space where your desk was, a simple piece of furniture to clutter your work area and take up a little more space. Also, reduce clutter around your house, including papers and files that clutter your desk. After moving in, start decluttering by removing the excess from every room in the house. Now that you’ve decluttered the house, clean your bedroom, and move on to a room that you like best. Finish off by taking the extra clutter you have now out of the house, clean the yard, and wash the exterior of your home.

So, yes, it’s a lifestyle shift. It’s a big change, but it is possible, and not as overwhelming as you may think.

When it comes to downsizing, I can’t think of any downsizing skill that isn’t helpful. Downsizing should be about creating space for yourself and your family. But it can be an opportunity to look at what you’ve gained from your home, and what you can give to others in your new neighborhood.

Enjoy The Minimalist Life:)

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