How I learnt to code without trying

I implemented an idea from an article in medium

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I was new to code initially I was trying hard and when I made effort, I would give up at the first instance of discomfort.

One day I was going through a medium article and came across article on Zanshin.

Zanshin is a term in Japanese martial arts for relaxed awareness, and when the mind is in this state, it is ready for anything and open to everything.

I was hooked to the concept; it was so simple, yet profoundly awesome. I had been focussing on the ultimate goal; I was neglecting the process, and that’s why my process was sucking.

Then I read a book title Zen in the Art of Archery. The archery master Awa Kenzo laid so much emphasis on right breathing and holding the bow right.

Everything was a process: holding the bow, drawing the arrow and releasing it. The master went into such detail that for many days his student Eugen Herrigel was asked to just learn to breathe right.

Just hold on I will explain how I applied this concept to learn to code.

Day 1:I just opened my code console and focussed on breathing calmly

Day2: I repeated day 1, I was getting the urge to code

Day3: I just focussed on my breath and put my fingers on the keyboard,I was typing some code. I didn’t force myself. I just let it happen. I wrote some random code for 2–3 minutes.

Day 4 today 10:

I just did what I did on day 3 but now I was getting in to flow, slowly i was coding for a longer time. I persisted for long.

whenever I felt like I was exerting effort. I focussed on my breath and just was present.

Day 34: I am still coding and I don’t put effort. Zanshin gets it done.

I remember Quotes from Zen in Art of Archery they are solid gold:

Everything is Aiming

Aim without Aiming

we just have to trust the process

here is his article

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