Creativity is effortless at night

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Sometimes the night silence makes a perfect time to write down all good ideas.the silence is so good.itis almost a perfect atmosphere for boundless creativity. Ideas flow effortlessly when I write after midnight.

The experience is enriching and magical. When the external noise goes mute then the internal wise men speak.

It makes anything ridiculously easy

Sometimes I want to complete all my tasks in a day or might be familiar with the occasional adrenaline rush that comes every few weeks to radically shift your life.

After all, there is nothing wrong in this. The desire to be better and do better is innate.Who doen’t want it?

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Whatever your goal is ,break it in to small steps.Steps that you can take daily with ease. This will make your big audacious goal much more achievable.

Small steps when taken daily build momentum and also the belief in your ability to take action on your goals. …

Misery and pain is common

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Learning to deal with pain is a valuable skill. Life will give you many such painful moments to practice your coping skills.

This world is imperfect and on top of that you rarely get what you want.if you do get what you want ,it rarely stays for long.

So is rarely life peaceful that misery looks like the natural state of life.

Failed expectations

Failed love

Failed relationships

Oh! This life sucks a lot and gives little

I always thought my brother was a good cook. There was enough evidence from his past achievement at cooking at home.

A well baked cake when it flops it makes the evening miserable. It was a regular evening at home. The family gathered to make the best of the evening. The anticipation and excitement for a home baked cake is well appreciated.

It’s worth waiting for

We were watching our favorite series on Netflix. My brother was busy copying the recipe for a chocolate cake from the YouTube. He put the cake to get baked and joined us.

The series…

It is powerful and easy to use

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Writing is a powerful way to keep things in your memory.If you write what you would like to remember, there is a greater chance you will remember it, even if you never refer back to your writing.

How Writing helps in Memorizing?

When you write, your attention is focused on the thing you are writing.Our brain gets focused when you write about something, this leads to greater retention.

Being Authentic is Game Changer

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Whether you write about moneymaking skills or some advice for people to improve their should write to express what you feel about that particular topic.

A genuine opinion is very valuable

most writes make a mistake of writing to please the audience ,it’s not bad as long as you are true and write what you actually feel.

Here are some ways to do it:

  • Be point blank in telling truth
  • If you feel uncomfortable telling the whole truth,silence is better
  • Imagine how you would feel if someone lied to you,so why do the same…

AI of the future: ‘Generative adversarial networks’ (GANs)

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Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) in the past decade have been tremendous. Machines can now differentiate between humans (even twins!), recognize your voice with utmost precision, and can model any data you provide for analysis and prediction of future trends. But all of this is meager compared to what the next-generation AI can do.

Machines can now generate text, images, and even music that is indistinguishable as fake to an average human. This is possible using a breakthrough idea called the Generative Adversarial Networks by Ian Goodfellow . …

The 2021 Trends

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Over the past year, we have seen the acceleration of technology and science despite the devastation that COVID has had on businesses and many core industries. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have pushed science faster than ever before with the goal of a vaccine that is already rolling out across the nation. With a handful of additional companies already in late stage testing of a vaccine, we may see a return to normalcy in 2021, or rather a new-normal.

Reflecting on the past year, we’ve seen major advancements in AI and ML and how these…

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