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A team of Yale University researchers led by Theresa Calleja and Neal Roese, is finding the main way we manage our stress and anxieties is through the vagus nerve that’s located inside the heart, allowing us to calm ourselves. The lack of oxygen flowing through the heart with heart disease and stress has been linked to more inflammation in the body, and inflammation is linked to anxiety and depression. One of the studies suggests that when the vagus nerve is not functioning well in people with heart disease, it’s the vagus nerve that’s shown to have a direct impact on mental health. The result? …

You can do it easily

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Every house has at least one and more probably a few tanks full of water. Have you ever wondered if you can reduce your daily water usage to do something meaningful? Here are some tips and tricks to slash water wastage.

1.In the rain:

We are told not to flush toilets if we hear the thunder in the distance and not to flush while bathing. We do not need to run the washing machine when it is raining. We do not need to run the shower and make the most of the water after it dries up. You don’t have to have a huge tank in your house, buy a water-saving shower head, a rain-water collection tank, a rainwater harvesting kit. …

Let’s jump into it:)

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1. Don’t avoid conflict

Most likely, the person you are speaking to has good intentions. Don’t let the conflict become a game of semantics to avoid making yourself feel uneasy.

Instead, acknowledge that you disagree with what the other person is saying. If they are arguing, let the other person talk.

2. Put things in perspective

Rather than say “You’re wrong,” try this: “I think we could both see things differently on this particular subject, but if we look at the situation from another angle, there may be some merit to what you’re saying.”

This offers more kindness, respect and empathy in your argument and allows the other person to experience a moment of recognition of your feelings as a good thing. …

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It’s natural to feel depressed when life gets rough. But by getting organized, focusing on your health, and following these ten tips, you can improve your quality of life and help yourself stay optimistic about your future.

These tips all fall under the category of behavioral change — meaning they’re a recipe for being more proactive, rather than simply waiting for things to change. Rather than getting angry or depressed, use these techniques to come up with creative solutions to your problems. …

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Having close friends is easy, but the problem is they always have to be around you. If you work in sales, you can never become number 1; the first person in the queue gets it.

“Wealth is in seeing the bigger picture.”

Everyone has the same needs; to be healthy, happy and to be left alone. In this case, I have a need to be left alone too. Yes, I need time to do my thing. No, I don’t need everyone liking me.

Like I said before, my feeling is that if someone doesn’t like you, it doesn’t really matter. Because I’m not doing this for their love. …

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To live in the Moment, you must be present. And I do mean “present” — engaged with what’s happening right now. You can’t get swept away by all the many problems that, like washing the dishes, will only be there tomorrow.

Instead, consider these thoughts and behaviors on how to truly enjoy the Now.

These days, mindfulness is a hot topic in every corner of life. We all talk about how important it is, and how we’ve grown too busy to be present in our relationships or to care for our health or our friendships. And yet, we are always distracted. …

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People who meditate and engage in mindfulness have reported significant health benefits. In addition to reducing depression, anxiety and chronic pain, people who meditate can even gain back self-esteem and self-confidence.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Health and Human Services estimate that around eight million Americans meditate, which means that meditation and mindfulness are the third most popular self-help techniques. (Relaxation exercises are the most popular, followed by cognitive-behavioral therapy.)

Even though they might not be as well-known as drugs and alcohol, meditation and mindfulness are the most popular self-help techniques.

Here are the top 10 health benefits of meditation and…

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In recent years, mindfulness has become an increasingly popular discipline that many people believe will bring them to a better sense of fulfillment. But just what is mindfulness? And what, exactly, does it mean to be a mindful person?

Put simply, mindfulness is a state of heightened awareness.

This heightened awareness comes through being mindful of one’s thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations without judging or attaching to them.

These are the ways that mindfulness can help you work towards a more fulfilling life:

1. Meditation

Meditation, which involves intentionally letting go of all thoughts, and focusing solely on the sensations of the body, is an excellent way to help you improve your awareness of your physical and emotional body. …

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This time of year is all about bursts of energy, plumps cheeks and joyful spring days. Winter coats are being packed away and, if you’re anything like me, your appetite has returned with the old brown gardening gloves and hoody.

Now is a great time to reboot your sleeping routine, after weeks of cold temperatures and daylight saving time. It will also help to rev up your energy for the day ahead. …

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We all have places where our surroundings are all overgrown and getting dirty. This is where we are likely to find bugs or other places that are getting contaminated. When we don’t clean our surroundings properly it can lead to health are 8 ways to keep our surroundings clean.


We all know how stinky our clothes become after time. You can easily keep your surroundings clean by washing your clothes regularly.


If you don’t want to see garbage everywhere you go, you have to learn how to properly dispose it.


Try and avoid going to public toilets where it is common to see someone who is not properly cared for. Clean the toilets before going. …


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