6 habits of honest people

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“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.so they see themselves only in their parts, and others in their parts only.” — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

How honest people treat each other can determine how successful they are. The following Six Habits of Honest People applies to relationships and work environments.

Do you love what you do? Are you willing to take personal responsibility for your successes? Do you enjoy the feeling of finishing what you start?

Shared-responsibility cultures are energetic, trusting, and authentic. They are community-based and rewarding.

How you listen is more than just being listened to. It’s listening to make you feel heard.

People in open relationships listen for each other. They listen to each other’s needs and they listen to each other’s dreams. When a couple shares responsibility for a project or outcome, they listen to how each other feels about that outcome.

How do you share knowledge with another person? How do you deal with conflict?

In community-based, shared-responsibility cultures, the leaders teach. The members respect and listen to the experts, sometimes seeking guidance from the experts themselves.

What is the outcome of each individual’s effort? How does your effort benefit you? Does each person work for the benefit of the group?

What your culture values are sharing. Learning and sharing create a collective effort toward a shared success. Sharing your effort gives each individual hope, and hope is a powerful thing.

Do you look for the other person’s needs before yours? What do you look for in a partner that does the same for you?

Open relationships can have huge implications on what it needs from partners to achieve goals. The relationships you want can grow based on each partner’s level of trust, intimacy, and openness to learning.

Do you believe in your own worth as a person? How will you support others when you find that others are in need?

Unclear goals call for setting one’s own goals and then supporting the goal being accomplished. An open culture is one that supports each individual’s goal or thought. This creates a harmony, where each person is supported in his/her vision.

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