4 Habits Doctors Wish You’d Adopt After 40

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Most people set out to lose weight after they hit their 30s. But once you’re 40, it’s really important to make sure that weight loss doesn’t become a chore. The four things you need to know to stay healthy throughout your 40s are:

  1. Make taking a walk a priority.

Getting back in shape is so easy once you stop ignoring your body’s signals. So break out the sneakers, find a safe place to walk, and get walking.

2. Stay hydrated.

Drinking more water can help keep your energy levels up, and make sure you’re always feeling fresh and vibrant.

3. Lose the booze.

You don’t need to completely go cold turkey, but you should aim to cut back on drinking as much as possible. A full-fledged alcoholic drink isn’t something you should reach for anymore after the age of 40.

4. Eat right.

Finding new ways to eat healthy can be hard, especially in your 40s. But experts say your diet should still be all about building whole, real foods. That means healthy fats like avocado, not just the simple carbs and processed foods that got you in this shape to begin with.

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