3 Ways to Save Water at Home

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Every house has at least one and more probably a few tanks full of water. Have you ever wondered if you can reduce your daily water usage to do something meaningful? Here are some tips and tricks to slash water wastage.

1.In the rain:

We are told not to flush toilets if we hear the thunder in the distance and not to flush while bathing. We do not need to run the washing machine when it is raining. We do not need to run the shower and make the most of the water after it dries up. You don’t have to have a huge tank in your house, buy a water-saving shower head, a rain-water collection tank, a rainwater harvesting kit. Drain the water from your house and use it for those urgent needs like watering your plants.

Most homes that use electricity consume 10 to 15 percent of the total power consumed in the country. Think of ways to save electricity, water consumption. Use only the washing machine for laundry and not for other purposes like dishes or kitchen utensils, timers, lighting, fan, sound, camera etc. These can be controlled with switches and timers to make the most of the water. In most homes, water is stored and is used for toilets, laundry, bathing, dishes, cleaning utensils, etc. You don’t need to use these water resources if you save the water. You can use this water to do your laundry, make more water or preserve for later. You can let the water in your house cool down or store it in the freezer for you to use later. You can recycle water. This does not mean you throw the water in the dustbin, or use it for household purposes, you can put your leftover water in the freezer for use in the future. You can also use water to your garden, soil, plants etc.


Most houses have a well, boreholes and a backhoe loader for gardening, we use water for the gardening, washing the car and other outdoor activities. Most of the water used for gardening is wasted due to misuse, improper cleaning of tools, etc. We do not just need water to clean our cars, we need the water for the entire car, which we wash using water for drinking purpose. Also, we do not need to use too much water when washing our clothes and only wash when necessary. We can put the clothes in a washing machine, select the right wash, add detergent and rinse, then hang them up to dry, the number of steps required to do a wash depends on the size of the load. Cleaning is just as simple. Have a bucket of water and detergent and you are ready to go. Use the detergent sparingly to save water.

3.Washing machines:

Use an electric washer to wash your clothes. The amount of water used depends on the load size. Choose an Energy Star washer for your washing machine, this requires at least one third less water than the other washing machines. There are three standard washer types: Front-loading washer, top-loading washer and top-loading-only washer. The use of water is minimal in washing your clothes in top-loading washer, because of the way the fabric gets coated when water is put into the drum. The fabric can be recycled. You can take the water used for rinsing and reuse it in watering the plants, washing the dishes, etc.

Another thing you can do is to recycle the water that comes into your washing machine. When you put the clothes in the washer, they are usually immersed in water. Some of the water is usually recycled through the washing machine and released into the drain. The washing machine is cleaned inside and out, of course, after the washing, so the water that leaves the machine is not good enough to use for rinsing. The water that comes out of the washing machine should be recycled. You can put it back into the washing machine, use it for rinsing, then wash the clothes and use the water in the washing machine for rinsing. This will save a huge amount of water used by you. You can also use the water from your washing machine to help you water your garden, washing dishes and cleaning utensils.

You can save water by doing a load test in your washing machine to determine how many loads you can fit into one washing machine. You can put in the same number of clothes and wash the clothes again. This will save water. You can also use the same amount of water for more than one wash, this saves more water. Another simple way to save water is to only do one wash load at a time. Each time you wash the clothes, some water is lost. The number of wash loads that you can do in one load detergent per wash is a way of reducing water usage. The water and detergent are more expensive if you do more loads at one time, but you will reduce water wastage and waste detergent.

This saves water but does not give you the full benefit of washing only one load at a time. You should be washing clothes for each of the three different purposes. You should not be washing clothes in just water. You should be washing clothes with soap. Using soap while washing your clothes saves water because you use less water when you are washing clothes with soap. It also saves money. You do not have to buy detergent when you are not washing clothes for long periods.

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