15 Qualities Of a Good Leader

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There are some qualities that are crucial to being a good leader and leading your team to success.

You might have the best ideas and best intentions, but if your team isn’t following your vision, success is likely to be elusive. To lead well and make the most of your team, consider some of the following traits:

1. Leadership is a responsibility

Great leaders take on a responsibility and a challenge to lead and be a better person.

2. Dedication and trust

This might seem like common sense, but commitment is a two-way street. When you give, you give from a place of integrity and a well-defined set of values. This is what determines whether you are able to trust your team.

3. Vision, clarity and motivation

Vision is not just an idea; it’s also a way of thinking and working.

Managers who have a vision are good managers. If you are unclear about what you want, and what your employees want, or if you cannot motivate your team, your position as a leader is going to be shaky.

4. Decision making

People are good at taking orders. It’s a familiar, easy thing to do.

When you are expected to make decisions and put them into action, you have to do it with an open mind and follow-through.

5. People skills

You need to be able to put yourself in your team’s shoes. Everyone’s life is different, so you have to know the impact of your actions on everyone else.

6. Communication

People need to know where you stand. They need to know what you’re thinking.

The ability to listen to people, accept feedback and correct mistakes is another way of being a good leader.

7. Discipline and goals

Set goals, communicate the direction you’re going in, and be consistent about meeting them.

8. Humor

Some days are just not fun. Humor can help when everyone’s feeling grumpy.

9. Communication

Sometimes people think that if they give a message, you should just do what they ask, and leave them alone. As a leader, you need to be aware of how you are perceived. This doesn’t mean being rude, but you need to listen. It’s important for your team to understand that you are there for them, not just as a person, but as a leader.

10. Process

Leadership means you don’t just plan but also you enact your plans. You can make things more clear by outlining a clear vision and making sure your team knows how to work towards it.

11. Follow-up and follow-through

Acknowledge and accept feedback and follow-up to do what you promised.

12. Confidence

You need to have the confidence to act confidently, not just in your interactions with people but also with yourself.

13. Critical thinking

You can’t be a leader without it. If you’re going to be making important decisions, you have to be able to make them using your own independent thinking. You have to understand why you are making the decisions you are making.

14. Self-evaluation

You have to be able to assess your own performance and address any problems you might be facing.

15. Self-discipline

Have you ever told a friend or family member to do something and they didn’t do it? If so, you’re a good leader because you set an example of self-discipline.

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