31 Minimalist Habits Everyone Loves

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  1. Be honest about your bedtime

2.Avoid setting alarms

3.Make a habit of waking early to begin your day

4.Avoid watching TV until you are done with work

5.Wake up at a consistent time every day

6.Adjust your activity level to the time of day

7.Don’t sleep on the couch

8.Get moving first thing every day (walking, running, yoga, etc.)

9.Put your phone away at a designated time in the evening

10.Turn off all screens at least 30 minutes before bedtime

11. Try sleep hygiene

Put your phone away at a designated time

Lay off the alcohol and caffeine

Make a habit of bedtime routines like bathing

12. Keep a garden

Be more proactive

Make a habit of stepping outside

Think about making your health and wellbeing your primary focus

13. Prioritize your health

Make a habit of making time for exercise

Make a habit of eating healthy

Consider making your health and wellbeing your primary focus

Try to avoid taking a nap

14. Practice gratitude

Bring positive things into your life

Wake up and do something productive

Attempt to find at least one thing that makes you feel better about yourself

Don’t be fooled into thinking that “this time it’s going to be different”

15. Don’t wait to exercise

Make a habit of exercising

Make a habit of waking early to exercise

16. Meditate daily

Start a daily meditation practice

Consider developing a daily gratitude practice

Try and make at least five minutes of quiet time in your day

You can make meditation part of your daily life

17. Meditate and exercise daily

Make a habit of meditating every day

Make a habit of exercising every day

18. Avoid screen time before bedtime

Don’t sleep with your phone

19. Practice gratitude

Stay mindful

Keep a journal of your everyday experiences

20. Make sure you’re not catching up on “news” online

Make a habit of only reading the news from reliable sources

21. Don’t feel pressured to do everything

Find things that are important to you

Don’t feel like you should be at every social function

23. Break the cycle of procrastination

Strive to be organized

Make a habit of planning and prioritizing activities

23. Change your mindset

Accept that you can’t do it all

Keep a gratitude journal

Consider developing a gratitude practice

24. Listen to your body

Follow the sleep rules above

Don’t nap

24. Get help with things you need to learn

Ask someone who can help you

Become more knowledgeable

25. Keep organized

Take time to keep your life organized

Make a habit of getting organized

Make a habit of organizing paperwork

Make a habit of updating your plan sheets

26. Consider homeopathic alternatives

Seek out homeopathic and natural health practitioners

Try acupuncture

Use a medium to help with intuition

Consider going to a shaman

Go to a yoga or tai chi class

27. Practice gratitude

Accepting things you are grateful for doesn’t always come easy

Let’s not always think in terms of the negatives

Think in terms of what you have, not what you don’t have

28. Don’t let fear hold you back

Try to overcome your fears

Talk about your fears to people who can help you

29. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Keep a fresh perspective and think about your life in terms of “I” instead of “We”

Commit to making healthy lifestyle changes

Make a habit of walking, running, or other physical activity daily

Make a habit of eating healthy foods

Make a habit of eating less fast food

30. Don’t live for today

Find happiness within your everyday life

Keep a gratitude journal and a gratitude practice

Write things down in a journal that make you happy

31. Question your beliefs

Don’t ignore things that bother you

Learn more about the various world views

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